Not in Church?


People have all kinds of ideas about what’s allowed or not in a church building or a meeting. When do we stand or sit? Can we move around? What topics are off limits?

I believe church (and by that I mean the group of people looking to follow Jesus) should work hard to be a place where we can talk honestly about ANYTHING. I mean, if we can’t talk about the things on our mind in church, what’s the point of church? Or if the church isn’t talking about stuff, do we have anything to say? That means we have to be a safe place for people to share what’s really going on, and to be open to what God has to say and on any subject. And open to His guidance and healing, too.

This is the basis of our current series, looking at topics that might seem ‘unspiritual,’ a bit awkward or even too painful to bring up. We want to say: Yes, let’s talk about that. Let’s let God into that area of life. “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”