Who we are

BCC is a Christian Church with a vision that’s reflected in its name and its mission statement: Linking People to God and One Another


Our aim is to connect people of all backgrounds to God through faith in Jesus, and to one another through worshipping and serving together in relationship. Of course, the Nineteen Arches bridge is such a symbol of Arklow that ‘Bridge’ seemed an obvious name.


We simply want to be followers of Christ, taught by God’s Word, the Bible, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We’re often asked, ‘What kind of church are you?’ We like to answer: “Just Christian.”


None of us can go it alone, so we find ways to support each other and to reach out into the community of Arklow and beyond.

BCC is a wonderful mixture of people looking to live out this simple vision. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done or what you’ve believed before – our aim is to help you connect with God through Jesus Christ and to connect you to other people who will help you along the way. You’ll find great opportunities for you to serve others, too.

How we got started

BCC was born out of the vision and calling of Robert and Helen Holden, who came to Arklow in 1996 to start a church that was as free of religious baggage as possible. One day in Glendalough, while struggling with the whole idea of starting a new church in Arklow, Robert found himself praying a prayer that has stuck with him ever since and has become our way of explaining what the church is:

Lord, if the church can be A Living & Loving, Worshipping & Witnessing, Serving & Sending bunch of people in love with Jesus, then I’m in.

Over the next few years, God gathered others around Robert & Helen and the church began in September 1999 with four families meeting in homes, with the first public Sunday meeting in July 2000. After renting halls for Sundays, the church moved into the Centre in 2010 and began to develop other activities, too. You can see the words ‘Living, Loving, Worshipping, Witnessing, Serving and Sending’ stitched into the banner hanging in the main hall, a banner made in faith before we even had a building to hang it in.

Leadership and Teams

BCC is currently led by a Leadership Transition Team, who are responsible for the overall direction and activities of the church. This team is assisted by a larger group of people who lead Small Groups and Teams within BCC.

Small Groups

Meeting in homes or other venues during the week, Small Groups are the main place for support and care of adults in the church. Each has leaders to co-ordinate the group. Click here to enquire about joining a group.


Teams look after all our different activities and are run by volunteers. If you’re interested in serving on one of our teams, click here.

As a registered charity (RCN 20047108, CHY 1446) we have a team of trustees supervising finances and governance. They are Pauline Hughes, Will Langrell and Nigel Snell.

If you’d like to support the church, you can Donate via Paypal.

Plumbline Ministries Ireland & EAI

We are linked together with a family of other churches and ministries across Ireland and the UK through Plumbline Ministries. Through these we enjoy leadership support and training, special joint events and a team of visiting speakers.

We are also members of Evangelical Alliance Ireland

Downloadable Documents

BCC Values & Faith Statement

BCC Privacy Policy

BCC Safeguarding Statement