Every week we have our Sunday Celebration and BCC Kids Clubs. We get together to worship God, to pray, to hear relevant and practical teaching from the Bible and to enjoy time together.

Sunday Celebration

10:45am – 12:00pm

This is our main get-together of the week, and anyone who comes gets a warm welcome. We take time to praise and worship God using modern music and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Anyone can fill out a Good News Story or Prayer Request card to be included in our thanks and prayer. You can do that online here. There is always a practical, relevant talk based on the Bible to help everyone live their life with God at the centre.

After the meeting, our Link Up area has people ready to answer questions or to pray with you for healing or anything else in your life. We also have tea & coffee to give a chance to get to know or catch up with people.

BCC Kids Club

10:40am – 12:00pm

Our kids are so important they have their own complete session on a Sunday morning, complete with games, songs, videos, discussion groups and prayer. Kids from 1st to 6th Class age are signed in from 10.40am till 12, when the adult meeting finishes and parents/guardians can come to collect them. Every now and then the Kids Club takes over the adult meeting downstairs, to remind them how to have a bit more fun!

Younger children have Kids Club Jr, which starts half-way through the adult Celebration and includes play and a simple video-based lesson.

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